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Currently IN Season AT The Berry Ranch

Honey, Jams and Syrups

Delicious jams and syrups from our own berries await you! Currently sold out of Jam and Syrup, and Honeycomb. The bee hives from our field contribute to the honey we sell on the farm, so the honey is not exclusively from our farm. It's not pasteurized, which means the natural vitamins and pollens have not been heated out of it. Many people have told us they find it helps fight allergies to pollens in our local area. 


JAMS and SYRUPS: Sold  out for now



  • Small honey bear $6.70

  • Large honey bear $12.90

  • Honey Comb, out for now

  • 1/2 Gallon honey $30.19

Forage Based Beef

Our Angus Beef are grown right here at the ranch without hormones, antibiotics, or meat-based protein. The calves are grown here on our pasture until weaned, and are then moved to their own pasture. When the grass slows down we supplement with alfalfa and grass  hay and other forages. They're harvested when mature, and no longer cute, are USDA Inspected and available whole, 1/2, 1/4, or as individual packaged cuts. The quality is superb! A note about "grass fed". This is referring to the concept of feeding the animals their natural diet of forage, not high concentrate grain. Remember corn is a grass, and technically corn fed could be construed to be grass fed. Know your source. What we have discovered is that a forage based diet allows the rumen to function normally, the animal to grow normally, and the nutritional composition of the meat to be better for us. Enjoy.



Whole, $6.35/lb, figured on weight of USDA Inspected packages in box you pick up in our store.

1/2 beef is $6.55/lb, packaged

1/4 beef is $6.80/lb, packaged

Consider if you are comparing to hanging weight price quotes that those do not include cut out, shrink, and processing charges. Translation: Our $6.35/lb in package price, if your cutout percent is 65 which would be very high, is the same as a $4.17 hanging wt cost, assuming no charge for cut and wrap. 


Individually Purchased Package Price List

T-Bone Steak, N Y Strip $17.88/lb

Tenderloin Steak, (Filet Mignon)  $19.85/lb

Rib Eye, Rib Steak $17.99/lb

Top Round Steak $9.85/lb

Cube Steak $8.85/lb

Top Sirloin Steak $12.85/lb

Sirloin Tip Roast, Steak $10.25/lb

Tri Tip, Top Round $9.98/lb

Rump Roast, Bottom Round $8.85/lb(High end you slice Carne Asada)

Sliced Shank, Osso Bucco,   $7.90/lb
Short Ribs $6.90/lb

Ground Beef $6.25/lb

Chuck Roast $7.60/lb (for Carne Asada but you slice)

Chuck for Carne Asada $7.85(out for now)

Cross Rib Roast $7.85/lb

Brisket $7.95/lb

Heart & Liver $3.95/lb

Bones $2.00/lb

Tongue $10.00/lb

Oxtail $7.90/lb


Farm Fresh Eggs

 Very Limited 


 You normally see the chickens right behind the Store-In-A-Barn, scratching around their run.  



Eggs are  per dozen.


If you're making a special trip just for eggs, please call ahead to confirm availability.






Forage-Fed Lamb

All our lambs are grown right here at the ranch without hormones, antibiotics, or meat-based protein. Our lambs are born in early spring and harvested the following winter. They are available as individual cuts such as butterfly lamb chops, rib rack,  leg, etc. It's best to stock up when first available because we usually sell out by mid-summer!



Individual cuts are:

Butterfly:  Loin Chops $14.98/lb

Rack $16.98/lb

1/2 Leg $10.98/lb

Shoulder Steak  $9.98/lb

Riblets $8.98lb

Burger $8.98/lb

Saugage $9.65/lb

Shanks $7.98/lb

Tongue, Liver  $3.98/lb

Heart $3.98/lb

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