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Welcome! I'm Fred Schreffler, founder of The Berry Ranch. I had dreamed of farming on my own ever since I was a little boy. After years in the seed research business I decided it was time for a change and in the fall of 1992, The Berry Ranch was formed.


It has been an adventurous, tortuous, always invigorating, frequently exhausting, path which is still playing out. The crop mix is ever changing as we try to find, fit, and fill niches large and small. My wife, Mary, keeps the family running, helps in the office, and directs the chaos we call harvest. Roger, our son, is more at home on a tractor, (cab only- not to worry) than a tricycle and enjoys every kind of fruit and vegetable. Our second son, Moses, also enjoys being outside and is more content out than indoors.


We have many families who have and continue to be blessed by the memories made and fresh foods obtained at The Berry Ranch. We wish to extend an invitation to you to join us out on the farm! 

Our family.
Sheep, cows, chickens, turkeys and pigs grow here too.
If it's sold here, it's grown here.
Many crops are also sold at your local grocery store.
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