It's Time to Plan for GROUP FIELD TRIPS in a Walk to the PYO Pumpkin Field!Print

We are open to the Public for PYO Pumpkins w/ Hayride Sept 26th thru Oct 31, 2014

Group and Family Options

Both options are without reservation or appointment. The best chance for a light crowd is earlier in the season.

HOURS For School Groups/Day Cares etc. PYO Walk to the Field, No Appointment
PYO Walk to the field is offered Mon-Fri 9 to 3, September 26 thru October 31, 2014.
HOURS We're Open To The Public, No RSVP Monday - Friday 4:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.
Closing Time is when the last ride leaves to the field Saturday 10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
Remember, we are not offering hayrides during group times. Sunday 1:00 p.m. - 6:00p.m.

Group Prices

We are offering for groups of any size, a chance to pick your own pumpkin, by simply walking to the field. Our Group field is open M-F 9-3, and is planted specifically for the younger set thru about 4th grade. There is no charge for adults in these groups who do not pick a pumpkin, all kids age one and older are charged for one pumpkin of their choice for $3.30 ($3.50 Including tax). Adults who pick a pumpkin, except one group pumpkin if your group is more than 10, also pay the $3.30 ($3.50 Including tax).


The group times price, available only during group times, includes the Straw Maze, a (guest supervised) walk to and from the field, and picking one pumpkin per person from the vines (except, obviously, adults no pumpkin) where we grow them in the field. Classes of 10 or more are permitted a "Class Pumpkin" from the field at no extra charge. We also have a picnic area, and you may visit the animals and chickens.

The Public times price includes the Wagon Ride and one pumpkin per person. There is no charge to visit our year-round ranch. We have the best selection and largest pumpkins of any PYO patch in the Valley. Extra pumpkins, once everyone in the school or family group has one each, are charged according to pumpkin size from the extra pumpkin price schedule.

Please allow at least 1½ hour for the wagon ride to the field. We are usually able to hold the round trip to a little over an hour, but then there are flats, mud, slow boarders, etc. Keep in mind you're visiting a year round actual working Ranch.

Remember, we accept CASH and CHECKS only.

When visiting the animals please do not feed them hay, grass, weeds, corn, or other feedstuffs we have. They can't overeat on the pellets (grain for the chickens but not the sheep) we have in the dispensers. Cows are pretty much see only.

  Hayride and Pumpkin Public (doesn't include tax)
Non "Group" Times

Sept 26 - Oct 31
1 year old through 4 years (preschool) $4.20
Kindergarten through 2nd grade $5.70
3rd grade through 6th grade $6.90
7th grade through adult $9.30
Adult, no pumpkin $3.20

Children who need assistance carrying their pumpkin will be charged the adult price, except children under one year may have a small pumpkin free from the PYO Patch.

We also offer an adult no pumpkin option for adults on the Hayride. Adults don't have to decide to not pick a pumpkin until you get on the wagons to return from the field. This option is available only when accompanying children to the field. We charge for EVERYONE who goes on the hayride regardless of whether or not they pick a pumpkin, except children under one year of age.

Store in a Barn Picked Pumpkin Prices
Small Less than 9" Diameter Less than 8 lbs. $3.00
Medium 9"-11" 9-18 lbs. $5.00
Large 11"-13" 18-28 lbs. $7.25
X-Large 13"-15" 29-? lbs. $10.50
Super Large 15"-? 40 lbs. and up $13.00
Giants   Must be over 75 lbs. Varies
The 1000 Bale Straw Maze:

This is our 22nd year of offering the straw maze! There is NO CHARGE for individuals who receive the Group Pumpkin Hand Stamp to visit the Maze! Otherwise the cost is $2.50 (includes tax) for ages 3 thru adult. The cost to do the Pumpkin Bowling is $2.50.

The Berry Ranch
7998 Highway 20-26
Nampa, ID 83687

We hope you have an enjoyable time at our Ranch.